About us

Definition of Paradigm (Para-DIME): The model or pattern of how an individual views their reality.

All of us live our lives according to a certain paradigm or model. As we grow, our paradigms can change, where we become more and more in tune with who we are. But sometimes, we can have dramatic changes, which result in a paradigm shift and leads to open up to new realms of possibility. This can happen in any aspect of our lives, including how we view coffee.

Paradigm Coffee is driven by the core philosophy and paradigm that coffee can be a beautiful work of art, where the story and the taste of the coffee brings an experience of true aesthetic joy. Coffee so often is seen as an after-thought, or simply a vehicle for caffeination, and there is nothing all that special about coffee when viewed through that paradigm. Our mission is to give a face to our coffees, where each coffee has a story to tell, and open up people’s paradigm to the rich and complex world coffee has to offer.

To stay true to our mission, we will offer detailed information about each coffee offering and roast each coffee accordingly so their uniqueness and beauty can shine in the cup. We also provide educational resources and blog posts that keep our customers engaged with our activities and thoughts about coffee. And lastly, we want to share our passion with you, for it was simply a beautiful cup of coffee that led us down this rabbit hole, and we hope that you can have a paradigm shift just like us.

Patrick Maloney
Co-Founder & CTO

Patrick is passionate about changing the public's perception of coffee. He's been a barista, roaster, coffee entrepreneur, and growth marketer for a Silicon Valley Startup. He hopes that through Paradigm Coffee he can improve the way people think about coffee's worth in the world. It's incredibly difficult and laborious to grow, roast, and brew truly good coffee. Let's honor that process by honoring the coffee we drink everyday.

Reid Patterson
Co-Founder and Roastmaster

Reid started Paradigm Coffee out a desire to create a paradigm shift in the world of coffee. Needless to say he is committed; he began roasting for Paradigm from his kitchen just to give his love of coffee to others, and he did senior thesis for his chemistry degree at Cal Poly was on coffee brewing chemistry. He is currently sourcing and roasting the coffee for Paradigm and now wants to share his passion with the world.