Guatemala Huehuetenango Mirador & Recinos


Mirador & Recinos are two farmers found by our supplier, Sweet Maria’s, through their special direct trade program in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala called Proyecto Xinabajul (pronounced She-nah-bah-hool). This program is designed to locate and purchase coffee from single producers in the high mountains of Huehuetenango, where normally these farmers would combine their product with the lower altitude cooperatives and receive mediocre pay at best. Through the relationship developed between Sweet Maria’s and the growers, the farmers receive a much higher premium for their work and we the consumers receive a one-of-a-kind product that epitomizes the terrior of the special Guatemala region. You can read more about their Proyecto Xinabajul program here.

This particular lot is a blend of two producers that have similar cup quality and character. The coffee is delicately sweet, while combining balance and versatility and being approachable by all coffee drinkers. There is a dessert-like quality, where caramel and vanilla fill the palate and entices the drinker to dig deeper into what this coffee can offer. A full extraction lends itself well to this coffee to maximize the caramel-y sweetness and complexity.

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Tasting Notes

Balanced and sweet, the coffee boasts of butterscotch and caramel mixed with vanilla and floral aromatics.


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