Pair of Dimes


Pair of Dimes is the only blend offered by Paradigm Coffee. The name relates to a creative play on words with Paradigm, as well as emphasizing that the blend contains two 10/10’s!

This blend is perfect for those who want a deep and rich coffee experience, filled with syrupy sweetness and a beautiful balance, while not damaging the wallet. With an approachable flavor and price, we invite you to be a part of our paradigm shift of bringing greater appreciation to your coffee experiences.

Currently the blend consists of two coffees: a Burundi from Yagikawa and a Nicaragua from Finca Santa Teresa.

The Burundi comes from a processing center called Rwiri. It is a new center and it is a part of a larger cooperative of the area, Yagikawa Farmers Cooperative Society. Rwiri is located over 5700 feet above sea level, which allows access to some of the highest elevation farms. Bourbon is primary varietal found in the surrounding farms, giving the blend a bold sweetness and a clean complexity.

This Nicaraguan coffee comes from Finca Santa Teresa, where the producer Jorge Luis Lagos Calix started working on Santa Teresa as a boy. You can read more about this coffee on our coffee product page. This coffee adds a delicate fruit and a soothing balance to the blend.

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Burundi Yagikawa and Nicaragua Finca Santa Teresa

Tasting Notes

Syrupy sweetness mixed with deep blackberry and chocolate.






This coffee is roasted to bring out the sweet chocolate and caramel flavors, producing a rich coffee that will merry with cream nicely

Water to Coffee Ratio

1:17 or 1:16 (grams)
This ratio helps extract the sweet compounds developed by higher roast degree


Coffee Shrub and Think Coffee
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