Paradigm Sampler


5.00 out of 5

We offer a Paradigm Sampler package with three 6 oz. samples of Paradigm Coffee to give a range of our products and provide an introduction to variety of coffee experiences available to the consumer.

The sample will consist of Pair of Dimes, our only blend and darkest offering, along with 2 of the current single origins. Our hope is for you to get a different experience with each coffee, so you can hone in on the beautiful differences that arise from the terrior of each region.

Please note in the comment section of checkout if you desire the our decaf offering in the sampler.

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1 review for Paradigm Sampler

  1. James
    5 out of 5


    when I first discovered it was possible to make coffee that not only smelled good but tasted great too, I started out brewing & drinking nothing but dark roasts. anything lighter tasted sour to me. since then I’ve made every effort to expand my palate, and I have to say this sampler is perfect for that.

    even the medium-light roast was delicious. if I’d tried just one bag and loved it, maybe I could say it’s coincidence, and I just liked that bean; but all four varieties were amazing, so I’m now a solid Paradigm fan. I’ll buy this same sampler again.

    thanks Paradigm team for your hard work!

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