Dispelling Coffee Myths Quiz

Do you think you know coffee… Like, really know coffee. Take this quiz and see how much you know!


  1. What is currently the most sustainable way to source and buy coffee?
    1. Fair Trade
    2. Organic
    3. Direct Trade
    4. Slave labor
  2. True or false: Coffee is a seasonal agricultural product, with specific growing condition, harvest seasons, and differing flavor qualities based on the region it was grown.
  3. Which is not a major coffee growing region?
    1. Ethiopia
    2. Guatemala
    3. Vietnam
    4. United States of America
  4. What exactly is the coffee “bean”?
    1. Seed
    2. Grain
    3. Legume
    4. Fruit
  5. Which is not a step in coffee processing, which takes the coffee fruit and turns it into a stable green “bean?”
    1. Processing (wet, dry or honey)
    2. Patio drying
    3. Dry milling of parchment
    4. All of the above are a part of coffee processing
  6. True or false: Coffee processing has negligible effects on coffee quality and coffee flavor.
  7. Which is the most sustainable environment for farming coffee?
    1. High altitude under forest canopy
    2. Low altitude full sun
    3. Commercial shade grown
    4. All of the above are equally sustainable
  8. When does decaf coffee get decaffeinated?
    1. At the farm
    2. During processing
    3. After processing, but before roasting
    4. After roasting
  9. Which is not is a similarity between coffee and wine?
    1. The region/farm has monumental effects on the ending quality
    2. They grow from a long living, perennial plant
    3. Stylization imparts is huge differences in quality
    4. Both grow in mild Mediterranean climates
  10. True or false: Good coffee is made four times: at the farm, at the processing center, during roasting, and during brewing. Failure at any point will result in an inferior final cup quality.


Answers: 3, True, 4, 1, 4, False, 1, 3, 4, True

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by Reid Patterson

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