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We accept Paypal and most major credit cards. Please email us if you'd like us to accept any virtual currencies like Dogecoin, Darkcoin, or others.

Shipping times are dependent on the roast date of your particular coffee, how much you've ordered and where you live in relation to our HQ in San Louis Obispo California.

Our website is up to date with the latest SSL certificate technology and is fully PCI compliant. All of your account information is stored in our secure database and we never share your information with third parties or use it in any way outside of this website.

Coffee ordered online will be shipped after the next roast date of the coffee you ordered less than 1 week in most cases. This is to ensure coffee is as fresh as possible when it arrives to your door. In most cases it takes 1-2 days for coffee to "de-gas" and start developing its flavor characteristics after roasting. Coffee de-gases well in our lined 1-way valve kraft bags.

We called our coffee company Paradigm Coffee because we wanted to create a true paradigm shift in the way that people produce, consume, and enjoy coffee.

We sure do! Find out more about our subscription on the Paradigm Subscription Page.

Great question! Right now we can be found at some occasional food & drink related events around San Luis Obispo California. We can also be found on shelves at the San Luis Obispo Natural Foods Co-Op and Sunshine Health Foods in Morro Bay.

Awesome! Let's make it happen. email us at wholesale@paradigmcoffee.co and we'll help you start the conversation with your employer about shifting the coffee.

We'd recommend picking up our Paradigm Sampler to get a taste of all of our offerings without too much commitment.